Orto Perpetuo – selected by PriestmanGoode.

Designed by Antonio Scarponi and Bulbo™

Orto perpetuo is an indoor hydroponic garden for growing fruit & veg at home all

We think this is a bright idea because not only does it help with reducing strain on
food resources by enabling people to grow their own in urban environments and
reducing food miles, but in today’s fast paced world, it helps to slow things down.
And it’s a great way to stay connected to nature for people living in concrete

Orto perpetuo combines ELIOOO – an hydroponic system made out of IKEA boxes
by Antonio Scarponi – and the Quadra, a LED light (14W) for growing vegetables
produced by BULBO™. The system can grow up to 24 plants and consumes less
than 50 watt.




ORTO_PERP_01_©ph_Ottavio_Montanari_2014 ORTO_PERP_07_©ph_Ottavio_Montanari_2014 ZOR_120724_book_cover _QLW_cutout_OFF ELIOOO8_WHITE [DSC_2331]

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