Air Access – designed by PriestmanGoode.

Air Access is a concept to facilitate air travel for passengers with reduced mobility.
The design consists of two elements: a detachable wheelchair by which passengers
can be transported onto and off the plane, and a fixed-frame aisle seat on the
aircraft into which the wheelchair is mated to create a regular airline seat.

As designers, we strive to improve things, not just for the immediate future, but for
the long-term. There is a demographic shift sweeping across the World: the
population is ageing, life expectancy is increasing, obesity levels are rising and
PRMs account for a larger proportion of the population than ever before. And it’s
almost certain that all of us will at some point experience mobility issues. Air Access
is a concept for the future of airline travel that will provide a pleasant experience for
passengers with disabilities or reduced mobility.

PriestmanGoode_Air Access model PriestmanGoode_Air Access model detail Air Access_Priestmangoode_2 Air Access_Priestmangoode_1

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