Hand thrown ceramics – selected by Lady Frances Sorrell

Designed by Stuart Carey

Stuart Carey makes beautiful quiet pieces to use every day. I believe in making
things and living with hand made objects, for me they are truly life enhancing.

They are also important to our economy, and I think it’s essential to support local
designer makers.

We should all be making more objects, especially with children!


02, 'Stuart Carey, Tableware Collection', Semi-porcelain, 2012, Dimensions vary. 03, 'Stuart Carey, Tableware Collection', Semi-porcelain, 2012, Dimensions vary. 01, 'Stuart Carey, Tableware Collection', Semi-porcelain, 2012, Dimensions vary. 04, 'Stuart Carey, Tableware Collection', Semi-porcelain, 2012, Dimensions vary.


Roadless Wheel – selected by Ravi Naidoo

Designed by Ackeem Ngwenya, Roadless Ltd

The Roadless wheel system is Malawian designer Ackeem Ngwenya’s graduate
project for his studies in Innovation Design Engineering at the Royal College of Art
and Imperial College London. Ngwenya has designed a wheel that adapts to
different terrain conditions typically found in rural areas. The design addresses the
difficulties locals experience moving goods, accessing markets and making a living.
The wheel works on the same principle as a scissor jack that you might have in your
car: as you crank the central hub up and down, the wheels expand. The Roadless
Project takes the absence of basic infrastructure and services as a playground for
creativity and innovation.



Seyan car – selected by Sarah Miller

Designed by Henri Peugeot

How could you not be seduced by a car designed by someone called Peugeot? This
concept car is an alternative mobility car comprises two vehicles – a small
wheelchair-sized design emerges from a compact city car. Great for the mobilityimpaired
to get about a city.

Earlier this year, the Seyan car received the TSB Innovation for Living Award.




St Luke’s Church of England Primary School, Wolverhampton – Selected by Lady Frances Sorrell

Designed by Architype

School design can enhance the experience young people have at school and teach
them about their environment too. This school, designed by Architype, embodies a
new way of teaching and learning and was the first primary school to achieve
BREEAM ‘excellent’ in the UK.

BREEAM is the world’s foremost environmental assessment method and rating
system for buildings, and being the first primary school building to achieve the
Excellent standard is a great achievement.


aArchitype 714aArchitype 739 Architype 588 Architype 631Architype 695Architype 699

Makoko floating school, Nigeria – selected by Sarah Miller

Designed by NLÉ

This prototype floating structure, built for the water community of Makoko in Lagos, Nigeria, is a pilot project that has taken an innovative approach to address the community’s social and physical needs in view of the impact of climate change and a rapidly urbanizing African context. Its main aim is to generate a sustainable, ecological, alternative building system and urban water culture for the teeming population of Africa’s coastal regions.


Makoko_approach-960x550 Makoko_2-960x550 Makoko_1-960x550 Makoko_Concept-960x550 Makoko_Concept2-960x550 Makoko_Structure2-960x550 img101-960x550 Makoko_3-960x550

Inglorious Fruits & Vegetables – selected by PriestmanGoode.

Designed by Marcel Agency for Intermarché

Food waste is a huge challenge the world over, and in particular the vast quantities of produce that are thrown away every year because they do not meet the aesthetic standards of supermarkets.
In order to change this, and to bring awareness to a serious issue, the French supermarket chain Intermarché enlisted the help of advertising agency Marcel to create a campaign that for us, exemplifies what simple design thinking can do and the positive change it can bring about.

ITM_PRESS_Ugly Carrot ITM_PRESS_Disfigured Eggplant ITM_PRESS_Failed Lemon ITM_PRESS_Grotesque Apple

mPedigree Goldkeys App – selected by Ravi Naidoo

Around 30% of all medications sold in sub-Saharan Africa are counterfeit. The mPedigree Goldkeys app is an online cloud-based platform that serves as an authentication and verification engine allowing consumers alike to check they are getting the right product. mPedigree Goldkeys is an accessible and affordable way for consumers to independently check whether the medication they were buying was fake or original.


This design formed part of a larger exhibition, “Africa Is Now: A Design Indaba Project”, presented at Design Indaba Expo 2014. “Africa Is Now” is an up-to-the-minute survey of emerging, established and unexpected talent from across Africa. For more about this project, go to http://www.designindaba.com/projects/africa-now

Mpedigree Final poster (1) 20140115_160443 qrlabel

A2B Obree bike – selected by Sarah Miller

Named after Graeme Obree, The Flying Scotsman, who created radical bicycle designs, the Obree electric bike’s innovative design, which includes a lower gravity centre, makes it a more stable bicycle to ride and therefore easier for more people to adopt.

Developed to meet the needs of the urban market, Obree’s smaller wheels, lower seat and frame, and its smaller battery give it a strong aesthetic and a good, comfortable ride. It has a completely new propulsion system.

The Obree is the culmination of A2B’s vision to create a new generation of e-bikes using new design techniques to improve weight, stability, performance and design.

With increasing traffic congestion and environmental concerns an electric bike is a more cost effective, energy efficient and more pleasant mode of transport.